Be part of building a dating platform that focuses on interactions, engagement, innovation, and real human connections (no A.I., no selling your data).

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  • The "UnSwipe" is the new swipe
  • Everything "normal" is now "abnormal"
  • Match based upon opposites but only 5 can remain
  • Unmask your matches by revealing "chemistry"

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What's our vision?

Our vision is a world where all relationships are built on interests, safety, accountability, equality, trust, inclusivity, sustainability, kindness, and the values of each person are respected.

Why Rumble?

We're different. Where other dating platforms have failed we focus.

We're private - no prying eyes or AI scanning your connections and conversations.

No Bots. Only People. No A.I.

Who should use Rumble?

If you are 18yrs+ and seeking to make connections with others than Rumble is for you.

What's our mission?

Rumble's mission is to empower communities with shared interests to develop meaningful connections everywhere in the world.

How do you contact Rumble?

If you need immediate assistance, please fill out the Contact Us form.

What's our working hours?

We're open 24/7. But we try to only work during the hours of 8-5 pm Monday - Friday.